Sunday, December 4, 2016


Mother’s grueling incisors
Crueling ‘cross my bones
Bearing crosses beside our homes
Leaving gouges in their wake.

A thousand, thousand tears
Make up a single laugh:
My cross to bear, my dear.
As they calcify my fear, my dear,
I am left bereft with no one left,
And I can only cry,
“What humor have I left
in here with no one left to hear?”
As whispers whisper
Inside of here
In sight of her, my dear,
Looking on and loping ‘long
A ways away from wayward sons
As far and away from here
As she would dare, my fear.

Their whispers glister
Ever after, after ever
Never closer than this, my seer,
Always louder than a hiss, my dear
Just a touch, a breath
Without much else, and nothing less
But just a kiss beside my ear.
And all I hear
Are honeyed words
Licked and cleaned
By her love’s death
And all that’s left
Is no one’s best
Within this padded room, I bear.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Patreon Pals!

So thanks to a bunch of people and some new life choices, I am seriously amping up my artistry and all that jazz.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Prose Poem Written in a Fugue State on November the Ninth Two Thousand Sixteen

Today, Donald Trump is the forty fifth President of the United States.

Last night, I slept. Restlessly, but I slept. I slept because I couldn’t watch. I slept because there was nothing left to do.

I woke this morning and Donald Trump is the forty fifth President of the United States.

I already knew. I knew because last night, I awoke at 3am to the sound of sobs. My partner was crying and I knew. See, she is not like me. I am not afraid. Why is that? I am a wealthy, white, straight, cis-gendered male. I do not think in those terms because I do not have to. My partner and people like her can’t afford not to.

My interests are not all interests, but they will be seen to. They will be seen to no matter what. I know this because I did not vote. Let me say that again: I do not vote. I am not a registered voter. Because I can afford not to be. In my lifetime there will not be a need for my voice. My voice, my concerns will be seen to.

I am not afraid. But, my partner is. She is very afraid, as are the people I live with, as are the people I am friends with. The reason being, I am in the minority. In my household, we have more latin voters than black, more black voters than white, and we have no white voters. We have our problems, but we make it work because we see such a wide variety of views. I see such a wide variety of views. They are afraid and I am not.

When the life of a person, not their deeds, nor speech,  but their very existence is a political act, then they have done enough. They are surviving and that is enough. When that is the case it is the responsibility of those who are unafraid to act, to speak, to be a voice, a call to reason and fairness and equality. Because we can afford to be offended; we can afford to be made uncomfortable.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mint & Juleps

--Can it be a verb?--
--Mint & juleps--summer tea--
Flowers arranged in soft light, twinkling fireflies are captured in masonic jars, they are used to light the entire night--
--only trees to cover love making--
--love making--making love--
--love is a creative act, something built--does that mean you can contract the work out?--
--Love Architects: designing their dream loves, but always committed to other people’s--
What if there were love poets greater than Shakespeare, Keats, Shelly, Byron, but they were too busy having sex?--
--sex--text--love poems were the original sexting--
--People prised Byron because he burned metaphorical--
--Egyptians were writing on papyrus about how good a girl looked in those silky, silky robes--don’t believe me?--look it up--check out poetry pre-circa 1850 and tell me that humans haven’t always been animals--
--Do animals write poetry?--what would that even look like?--would it be in another language?--
What language do animals tell poetry?--Is it vocal, physical, mental, emotional?--Is it some beautiful combination of all of them?--
--Is that the dirty secret?--Love poems written by animals are written with their bodies--
--They produce young and no one is ashamed by it--
A boy masturbates because he is told it is normal, masturbation stays with him his whole life, unlike his love poems--
Love poems aren’t normal--
--love poems are normal--

--this isn’t a love poem--this is an experiment

The vines are digging

The vines are digging
In brickwork skulls;
Invading portents
Of cities come and gone.
The shattered rims
Of wary eyes
Nuclear families are undone.

The fractured masses
Are huddled close together now,
Constricting round
The skulls civility has bought,
While seizures wrack
The naked mass
Who wait for news
That neither god nor man hath wrought.

And years of work,
It lies undone
In happy ashes
That cradle children
The kitchen heart,
The bedroom privates,
The foyer tongue,
And basement ruin.

The maw is stopped
By vacancy;
There is no feast
Of furniture,
Not since before
The vermin scurry
Around the hollow
Devoid of visitors.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Where it falls, the tree does grow

Where it falls, the tree does grow,
Though it travels many miles
Seeing wonders on its way
Roots itself one day
Planting flags
In the womb of earth
Cracking open her.
Up it comes,
Who is to say when she will end?
But, the seed is not the tree.

Where is the tree?
I cannot find it still.
I’ll seek no more.

Rest under its boughs.

This is never what I wanted

This is never what I wanted
And I keep punishing the both of you
In ways none of us ever imagined

But, things keep vanishing
Between the cracks in communication
And I'm tired of it
I don't want to do badly anymore

But, I don't know other ways to be
I'm trying to learn and I keep failing
Over and over
All I ask is a space to call my own
And every day I am reminded I am not alone

But, I keep hurting
And I keep hurting others
I'm so tired of it
I don't want to do it anymore
So do whatever you think is best
I'll be in the ruins